3 Ways To Enhance Your Business Information Degree

If you decide to pursue a degree in business information, you will most likely take core classes in business, accounting, management, technology, and marketing. Along with your core curriculum, most schools offer the opportunity to specialize in a certain area or to explore multiple areas through a wide-variety of elective courses. While the core curriculum with carefully selected courses will give you a good understanding of the business information sector, there are several things you can do while you are going to school to increase your experience and make your CV look more appealing to future employers. 

Study Abroad 

There is a growing trend for powerful global companies to be situated in emerging markets as opposed to being based in Western countries. By 2025, 45% of the global fortune 500 companies are expected to be located in emerging markets. This means that U.S. companies need to have a greater awareness of the global market and be prepared for greater integration and direct competition with these growing companies. If you study abroad in a country with an emerging market, you will gain valuable cultural and language skills that will be attractive to future companies. 

You may even decide to work abroad in the future, and having a semester or more of study in a foreign country shows your adaptability and commitment. 

Learn a Second or Third Language 

If you cannot study abroad, you can at least study a foreign language. This will help prepare you for communicating and working with a variety of people. It is estimated that American businesses lose around $2 billion every year because of cultural or linguistic misunderstandings. While having any experience with a foreign language is helpful, it is a good idea to gain a solid command of the language you are studying through consistent, immersive classes. 

If you have not started studying a language yet, you may want to consider Mandarin, Spanish, or Arabic as these are highly used languages around the globe. However, if you have an interest in a certain area, language, or culture, it may be most useful for you to pursue that language, as your passion and curiosity can make you a more adapt pupil. 

Take Several Internships 

When you get started in the business world, a degree is helpful, but it may not be enough to land you the job you want. Adding real work experience through internships can help you make connections and get experience. Because a business information degree can be used in many areas, such as the corporate world, non-profit organizations, and governmental work, internships can help you narrow down your interests and make better choices about which courses will actually be helpful during your career. Taking internships with companies of various sizes can also help you determine what type of company you want to work with after you graduate. 

It is a good idea to take several different internships throughout your college career. This lets you try out different types of work without a long-term commitment. You should not worry about building consistency with the type of internships you take unless you know that you want to work with a certain company or in a specialized field, as most employers realize that you are simply gaining experience with your internships. 

While the classwork you complete during your studies will be important, the extracurricular activities that you complete will be just as important. Getting real-life experience through a study abroad or internship program and thoroughly learning a foreign language will make your education more well-rounded and make you a more attractive candidate once you complete your degree.