3 Trends To Look For When Evaluating Preschool Programs

Preschool has changed a lot over the years. At one time, most preschools were expected to be similar to daycare centers – in other words, mostly a safe place for parents to drop off kids too young for K-12 schools to let them play and socialize, but with some kindergarten preparation thrown in. However, as time went on, preschools have come to offer much more academic experiences. With kindergarten academic standards on the rise as well, choosing a preschool that will give your child an advantage in their academic life has become serious business.

Four Tips To Overcome The ACT's Science Reasoning Exam

Students preparing for the ACT often live in particular dread of the Science Reasoning section, fearing that it will demand obscure answers to complicated questions and sink their whole test score. But while the scientific portion of the test can be intimidating, it isn't designed to ruin your chances of getting into college. In fact, cramming scientific facts and figures may be the worst possible way to study for this exam.