4 Smart Ways To Help Soothe Your Teen's Fears About Driving

Despite their innate need for freedom and independence, teens are opting out of obtaining their driver's license in record numbers. Even though it seems counterintuitive, waiting to start driving until after the teen years does not actually improve safety or reduce the risk of accidents occurring. If your teen is one of these nonstarters, it would benefit everyone to start dissecting and eliminating fears about the driving process. Many teens just need extra reassurance and support to begin the journey through driving school to obtain their license.

3 Ways To Enhance Your Business Information Degree

If you decide to pursue a degree in business information, you will most likely take core classes in business, accounting, management, technology, and marketing. Along with your core curriculum, most schools offer the opportunity to specialize in a certain area or to explore multiple areas through a wide-variety of elective courses. While the core curriculum with carefully selected courses will give you a good understanding of the business information sector, there are several things you can do while you are going to school to increase your experience and make your CV look more appealing to future employers.

5 Ways Millennials Can Use Adult Education Classes To Live Independently

Research has shown that millennials have decided to stay living at home with their parents for more years than in recent times. While this living situation can help people save money and pay off college costs, it can also result in a lack of skills to live independently. If you're a millennial that plans to make the big move away from home, there's no reason to go into it blindly. Instead, you can take a variety of adult education classes to help you learn independent living skills.

Education Options For Your Deaf Child

If you have a child who is hearing impaired, finding the right school for them can be a difficult choice. Public schools are required by the American With Disabilities Act to provide accommodations for your child, but will this be the best fit for them? Below are some schooling options that are available to you, with a list of pros and cons that will help you as you try to make this difficult choice.

Laser Illumination Incidents: What Pilots Need To Know

Pilots must deal with a variety of threats and hazards, some of which are more common than others. Laser pointers have many legitimate uses on the ground, but if somebody decides to shine the device into the sky, the resulting beam of light could present a risk to an aircraft pilot. If you are in flight school, learn more about the hazards that laser pointers can present, and find out what pilots need to do to cope with a potential illumination event.