Kindergarten: Is Your Child Really Ready?

Spring is the season when many schools begin to hold orientations for incoming kindergarteners and their parents. If your child is five or will be turning five soon, you're probably beginning to think about where your child may be attending kindergarten and how to prepare them. But is your child ready for kindergarten? It's not uncommon for parents of kindergarteners to complain that much more is expected of their child than was expected of them at that age, or even than was expected of their older children.

Tips To Help You Learn English More Fluently If It Is Your Second Language

Getting a college education is the best way to develop a career that will help you have a secure future, and the colleges in the U.S. are among the best in the world. If you currently live overseas or have recently moved to the U.S., you may have a deep desire to attend college. In order to get accepted into a good college and be a successful student, you will need to be able to speak and write English fluently.

4 Ways To Help You Put An End To Daycare Drop-Off Drama

According to Center for American Progress, approximately 23 percent of all children under five years of age are cared for outside of the home – including in daycares or preschools. If you are a daycare mom or dad, you know how hard those first few days or weeks can be – but it does get better. However, what do you do if your otherwise independent toddler or preschooler begins melting down at drop-off?

4 Smart Ways To Help Soothe Your Teen's Fears About Driving

Despite their innate need for freedom and independence, teens are opting out of obtaining their driver's license in record numbers. Even though it seems counterintuitive, waiting to start driving until after the teen years does not actually improve safety or reduce the risk of accidents occurring. If your teen is one of these nonstarters, it would benefit everyone to start dissecting and eliminating fears about the driving process. Many teens just need extra reassurance and support to begin the journey through driving school to obtain their license.

3 Ways To Enhance Your Business Information Degree

If you decide to pursue a degree in business information, you will most likely take core classes in business, accounting, management, technology, and marketing. Along with your core curriculum, most schools offer the opportunity to specialize in a certain area or to explore multiple areas through a wide-variety of elective courses. While the core curriculum with carefully selected courses will give you a good understanding of the business information sector, there are several things you can do while you are going to school to increase your experience and make your CV look more appealing to future employers.